Friday, January 18, 2008

Elizabeth Bennet cabled cardigan done

After some starts and stops, I'm finally done with my elizabeth (the elizabeth bennet cabled cardigan from the book Fitted Knits).

All in all, this is a pretty nice knit. The fabric is beautiful to look at (the angora/merino blend makes for a very fluffy, soft material). The fabric actually is probably the most impressive part of the knit... well that and maybe the cables along the sleeves which I love! Some of the other photos on my blog show the cables which cover the peplum and the sleeves. They really make the sweater.

One thing I learned during the knit of this sweater is the impact that open cables can have on the flair of a sleeve. This pattern, as written, has a fairly wide cable at the bottom of the sleeve which stays open and creates a bit of a bell bottom effect. I did several adjustments (with trial and error) and ended up with straighter sleeves which is my preference.

So all in all, it took some time, but yeah! she's done!

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