Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Finishing up my First Central Park Hoodie

I feel like I have been knitting this forever. Many projects have jumped on my needles since I first cast this on in December. This is actually my first sweater EVER. I am proud of myself and looking forward to finishing it soon.I am making the Central Park Hoodie using Cascade 220 yarn. I am currently working on the button band, and picked up both sides at the same time. The pattern calls for doing each side separate, but that leaves an ugly seam in the middle of the hood. So, I just put it all together.


Christie said...

Congrats on your first sweater! And a cabled sweater at that!

loopette said...

Very, very nice! Congratulations on knitting your first sweater! You lived to tell about it, too. ;-)

It looks great in 220. My 18 yr. old daughter has 8 balls of it in her stash ... I think she should see yours. Might get her going!