Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Making progress

I'm really enjoying this knit. There's enough cabling to keep it from boring me to death, enough straight stockinette where I can work along mindlessly while watching TV! I did the sleeves first, and then decided to work the back and two sides together. For me, while off on vacation for a week in the Poconos in PA, that was great. I could work and turn off my brain!

Tonight, I quickly pinned the body section to the back of my sofa - had to be quick, before the 2-year-old twin grandsons began helping (??) me! Have a few more inches of the hoodie left to do, and that will work up very quickly.

Using KnitPicks Merlot Heather Swish Superwash. I also ordered it in the Indigo Heather colorway for daughter, who now wants the next CPH!

I have pictures of this, of other knitting projects, and much family stuff on my blog.

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