Sunday, December 16, 2007

Annie's Butt Skirt

I still haven't even bought the yarn for Cables Milano yet.

Instead, I am knitting the cover skirt in Annie Modesitt's book, Romantic Hand Knits. In her book, she called it An Affair to Remember Tulip Skirt. In her blog, Annie called it the "Butt Skirt". It does have 4 small 4x4 cables and diagonal traveling cables.

I tried it on before I hit the lace section, about micromini length on me. The diagonal detail is really very flattering. I was worried about the negative ease, but Annie knows what she is doing.

You can follow the thread on my blog about the creation of this skirt. I modified the pattern slightly, substituting Cotton Ease for the Amaizing yarn, using a decorative elastic instead of a knit casing, and adding a lining for modesty and comfort.

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