Monday, December 10, 2007

Tate is done!

It's taken 3 months of snail-pace knitting, but I'm finally done with my Fall Cable 2007 KAL project - Tate, a cabled pullover from Jaeger JB34.

This was originally written for either Jaeger Trinity or Jaeger Aqua, and to make my own cold-weather version I used RYC Cashsoft DK, which is a wool-cashmere blend. I'm happy to say it's worked out well - Cashsoft made the pullover a lot springier than it would have been in Trinity or Aqua, but there's enough ease figured into the pattern such that it's not too clingy. Given the preponderance of 3x3 ribbing here, a good wet-blocking is essential.

Here are a couple of modelled shots of Tate in action. One of the reasons why I like this pattern is that the central cable motif works well with open coats and jackets.

This is a very easy pattern and I highly recommend it. The main mod I made was to knit the central cable on only the front of the pullover instead of on the back as well (as written in the pattern). More details on the overall experience and my mods on my blog.

Happy knitting and happy festive season!


subliminalrabbit said...

absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...


Petunia said...

This is one of the prettiest patterns I've seen this year, and you did a beautiful job with it. Thanks for letting all of us see it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's gorgeous. I love how it looks with that coat (beautiful coat, too!).