Saturday, September 15, 2007

All geared up and ready to go!!

I have acquired my yarn from Little Knits. I am using Aruacania Nature Wool #43, Amethyst and Fuschia to make my second Central Park Hoodie. This yarn was a good deal, at 50% off (4.99 a skein).
I originally made a teal CPH that I am in the process of finishing up. I will start my second one on the 23rd, and I am so anxious. I can't wait. Two cabled hoodies for the fall season. Who could ask for anything more? Cables are such an easy way to add texture and style to an otherwise plain garment. I love it!!!


Christie said...

We won't tell anyone if you start early!

Shameka said...

I promised myself that I would finish the other one first. Besides, I have to use the same needles, so I really have to get it done. But, if I get to start early I will be sure to let you know. I can't wait!!