Friday, September 28, 2007

Found my camera!

Finally, a shot of a finished front piece. The sleeve has reached the point where I can't really work on it at random, so it's moving more slowly now, but still, I'm getting there. (And I finally made it onto Ravelry, hurray!)


Marji said...

wow you are fast! It's beautiful. I love the popcorns centered in the cables, however I hate making popcorns. Yours look so perfect, do you have a favored method for making them?

Melisa said...

I don't usually care for bobbles, but I really like these. It's looking wonderful!

The Durukuli Lounge said...

Thanks to both of you!!
The bobble instructions are slightly different than what I'm used to - I've usually seen KPKPK into a single stitch, but this one is knit into the front/back/front/back/front of the stitch instead. My first couple are a little wonky, but once I started making sure that on the last knit I don't stretch out the original stitch, they come out really nicely. And then I tighten the surrounding stitches on that row and the next pretty severely. (Plus I realized a few in that I was twisting, so they were inside out, but that wasn't a big deal, I just had to rotate them on the base stitch and stick my finger in to pop it out the right way.)