Saturday, September 15, 2007

My New Cable Project

Thanks for the kind comments about Ed's sweater. I'd like to finish it over the next couple of weeks so I can start my new project for the KAL. It is going to be Elsebeth Lavold's Thora sweater.

This was originally published in Knitter's Magazine, Fall 1999, which is out of print, but it is also in Knitter's "Arans and Celtics". If you're looking for a cable sweater design, this book has many nice patterns. I made the woven cable sweater for my son from it, and if I can get him to model the sweater, I'll post it.

I'm just about finished with another Lavold sweater, Liv, from Designer Book 1, and so I think I've mastered some of the idiosyncrasies of the pattern and learned how to adjust it, since I don't get the suggested gauge. And it makes sense to do another for which I already have stash yarn and buttons. I'll be knitting Thora in Filatura di Crosa's Zara, charcoal gray.

Thora doesn't have as much cabling as I'm used to, but it will be my first attempt at a saddle shoulder.


Christie said...

You certainly pick some exciting and beautiful cables!

Carol K said...

I'm working on Liv as well. When you mention idiosyncrasies, are you referring to the cast on for the front? I worked the sleeves first to get a hang of the cable pattern and a larger swatch for gauge. I admit this is my first large and more complex cable pattern. Back to the front cast-on I'm having trouble getting the left side to work. I keep casting it on and then working away and I realize I've got the right side. I'm not sure that it matters which you do first?? I'm hoping that this next try I'll get the left side, but if I don't I'll just work the right and try to cast the left on again. How did you find the pattern? What color did you use?